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Not sure how to setup your new device and transfer your old data?

We live in an age where most electronic devices such as computers, tablets and phones are disposable. Statistically, we are expected to change our home or office PC every 4 years, and according to Deloitte’s, 18% of us look to change our mobile phone almost every year!

With so much of our lives now stored on computers and so much of what we do performed on phones, changing your device isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Even if you plan to start afresh with a new device, chances are there is still data you will need transferred over. However, before you can do that you will need to backup your existing computer or device and make sure the data is ready to transfer to the new one. How do you know you’re doing it correctly? OVEX IT Solutions takes the guesswork out of computer backups.

Data transfer support and services with experience and expertise

If you’re not tech-savvy, don’t have time or need multiple devices setup, OVEX IT Solutions can help you. Our knowledgeable computer technicians keep up to date and at the forefront of technology, ensuring they have the cutting-edge knowledge to setup any new device, backup your old one and transfer your data correctly.

We transfer it all: From mobile phones, tablets, to brand new Windows-based PC, and Apple Macs, we do it all.

Why you should choose our computer technicians

Let’s face it. Not many people are tech-savvy enough to fix computer stuff. So many home or business owners look at hiring an onsite computer service to fix or manage their computers and networks.

One of the many benefits of hiring a computer technician near you is reduced spending. When outsourcing for a PC tech, you are hiring an individual or team of qualified individuals who are dedicated to keeping your systems up and running. From a business perspective that is one less employee to consider. Hiring a PC technician for onsite computer services helps you to focus on your core business or regain personal time.


Our Computer & Internet Technicians perform a wide range of IT related services for customers at their home or place of business. Our technicians enjoy diving straight into fixing Windows based-PCs and Apple Macs, provide support for Tablets and Mobile devices, ensure non-stop streaming of Stan or Netflix on your Smart TV, setup your new NBN connection or just make sure that your WiFi network is working as quickly as it should.

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